Café Caffeinated

A new eatery, in NOIDA yet far from the noise and humdrum of the NCR !

It just happened!

The other day Chhaya and I decided to be somewhere else. We didn’t want to travel far, yet we wanted to be in a quiet place which was far from the madding crowd. Noisy eateries in Sector-18 and the malls nearby where we normally hangout, were out of the question.

A little research led us to Café Caffeinated an eatery which was inaugurated just about a week ago. Situated near Oxygen Tower, in Sector-144, it is a different world between Noida and Greater Noida—not too far from the madding crowd, yet so quiet and cozy. The first thing that gave me big relief was the car parking—there is enough space in front of the Café. Struggle involved in parking my car and walking to a restaurant in Sector-18 (even in the three-tier parking in The Mall of India) triggers a tsunami of negative feelings.    

There is open-air seating with soothing greenery as well as a tastefully done large hall with a high ceiling. The tables are very well spaced so that your peaceful little world within that world doesn’t get encroached by the staff or the other guests. The large glass windows, the furniture, the paintings on the walls, the lights and the plants together create the ambience for a perfect evening.

In addition to freshly brewed coffee, the Café offers a wide range of broths, salads, European and Oriental appetizers, Sushi, dimsums, dumplings, sandwiches, burgers, tacos, nachos, meals in rolls, pastas, risottos, lasagne, special kid-friendly dishes, classic desserts… the list is long, very long. There is different menu on offer for breakfast.

We chose to try Mexican Fajita Roll, Cheesy Garlic Toast with Drizzle Pesto and Arancini Balls along with Banana Coffee. Well trained and courteous staff served us warm food with equal warmth. We relished the preparations with the soft music playing in the background. This again, was in sharp contrast to the many eateries where blaring music assaults the eardrums and kills any scope for exchanging words with your dear ones. After our meal, the Director, Mr Sanjay Mishra came enquiring about our experience and seeking suggestions for improvements. “Keep it up!” was our only suggestion.

What do you do when you go through such a ‘different’ experience? Answer: Share it with friends. That’s what is the purpose of this post. Next time you want to be somewhere else, try the ambience, hospitality and delicious cuisine at Café Caffeinated.

[ Café Caffeinated, SH-4, near Oxygen Tower, in Sector-144, is the brainchild of Nitin Mehta, Vikas Suri and Sanjay Mishra.]